Chennai Muncipal Solid Waste Management
CMSWPL- Corporation of Chennai
Vision: To be a leading global enterprise providing world class infrastructure development & environment management, through sustainable growth.

Mission: To ensure quality & reliability, while boosting our technological prowess. In doing so we aim to enhance our experience as a business & empower our valued stake holders.
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Welcome to the Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited. We bring integrated waste management to the city of Hyderabad, serving the city by providing the sanitary services of solid waste Transportation, Processing & Disposal

Solid waste disposed by citizens and the likes of commercial organizations (i.e. hospitals, hotels, market places, etc.) has become an unmanageable issue; becoming next to impossible for local bodies' to handle the entire process. In lieu of a stressed system all the activities associated with solid waste will now be managed & monitored by various means and technologies we employ. Our management systems help our organization to create an end to end system, beginning with door to door collection and ending with our secure processing & disposal facility.

We are based in Hyderabad having a home field advantage as well as a wealth of knowledge & experience in solid waste management from all over India. We are humbled by the opportunity to serve our city and invite all our citizens & local bodies to help build a model city.

The components of Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited's management systems are

  • Collection & Transport: Source Segregation through community participation
  • Collection & Transport: Primary Collection
  • Collection & Transport: Secondary Collection
  • Collection & Transport: Transfer Stations
  • Collection & Transport: Tertiary Transportation
  • Processing & Disposal: Weigh bridge (to track the city's waste)
  • Processing & Disposal: Processing Facility
  • Processing & Disposal: Composting
  • Processing & Disposal: Leachate treatment plant & RDF plant
  • Processing & Disposal: Secure Scientific Landfill


Hyderabad Waste collection and transportation operations activities has been awarded to Hyderabad based waste management company - Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited

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