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Refuse Derived Fuel

Refuse Derived Fuel consists of material which is not easily biodegradable such as Paper, Plastic, Coir Pith, Jute, Textile Material, Fibrous Material and other combustible material. These materials are segregated specifically for use as alternate fuel material in boilers, cement kilns and other energy intensive industries where conventional/fossil fuels are a costly affair.

RDF Processing

Segregated material is dried, crushed, screened and packed/bailed, used as substitute to conventional fossil fuels in boilers.

  • Total moisture
  • Ash
  • Chlorides
  • Sulphur
  • Volatile matter
  • Gross Calorific Value
  • Av. Concentration of PM (mg/NM3)
  • SO2 concentration (ppm)
  • NOX concentration (ppm)

RDF can be used by

  • Cement Industries; alternate fuel to coal/fossil fuels for reducing carbon footprint
  • Biomass Power plants
  • Energy intensive, fossil fuel consuming industries can use this as alternate fuel.


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