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Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited facilitates the implementation of integrated waste management at a local level to overcome environmental, public health, social and economic issues inflicted by waste.

Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited is ardently committed to following the waste minimization principle within the legal framework of the MSW Rules (2000) and it's commitment to clients and stakeholders. Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited uses BATNEEC (Best Available Technologies Not Entailing Excessive Costs) for waste management at HiMSW Ltd. based on the following 3 R's.

With a systematic integrated MSW project in place, the socio-economic benefits remain unparalleled. Organic compost is now made available at reasonable prices.

  • Better quality of compost and the underlying benefits of using the compost is one of our contributions towards the planet
  • Alternate fuels to substitute for fossil fuels by 10% will reduce the carbon emissions significantly and provide sustainable development

As we do our bit for the environment and for the generations to come, we strive to deliver excellence in service towards:

  • Save natural resources
  • Conserve energy
  • Reduce pollution
  • Reduce the toxicity of our waste and
  • Save money for consumers and businesses

Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited is committed to protecting the environment by reducing not only the impact of MSW on city of Hyderabad but also its own operations; hence it is implementing a robust Environment Management Plan by following the same waste minimization principles.
At Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited we use the scientific methods and in compliance with Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000, for managing municipal solid waste. The waste processing provides 4 useful by products:


Refuse Derived Fuel


  • Refuse Derived Fuel consists of segregated material of Paper, Plastic, Coir Pith, Jute, Textile Material, Fibrous Material and other combustible material.This material can be used as alternate fuel material in boilers, cement kilns and other energy intensive industries where conventional/fossil fuels are being used.
  • Dry municipal solid waste is dried, crushed, screened and packed/bailed, used as substitute to conventional fossil fuels in boilers.

Compost (Bio-organic Fertilizer)


  • The composting process includes the collection of used, reused, or unused organic material that would otherwise be considered waste; sorting and processing the recyclable products into raw materials; and manufacturing the recycled raw materials into new products like Compost.
  • Bio-Organic fertilizer is made by accelerated bio conversion process under controlled conditions using remains of fruits, vegetables, food and by-products of agro process industry.
  • Uses Bio-Organic fertilizer is used alone or in combination with chemical fertilizers at the time of drilling or broadcast sowing / transplanting. It can also be applied as side dressing along the rows or encircling the plants.

Recyclable Material


  • The plastic after being segregated from mixed MSW is sorted into various grades using infra-red beams and then converted to ingots/granules. It's a completely dry process ensuring no pollution or contamination.
  • Recycled ingots/granules reduce the requirement of fresh plastic and are used in manufacturing of trash bags, agricultural pipes, mouldings, ropes etc.

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