Chennai Muncipal Solid Waste Management
CMSWPL- Corporation of Chennai
Collection and Transportation

Primary Waste Collection

  • To collect the waste generated from households and small commercial establishments.
  • To provide adequate facility at markets and temples to collect bulk waste.
  • To keep the area around the bins clean and hygienic.
  • To reduce the manual handling of waste.
  • To maintain the equipment and undertake repairs on time.
  • Provision of an additional inventory as spares to compensate for breakdowns.
  • To attend to the complaints from the public.
  • To conduct Awareness programs.
  • To educate residents to deposit the waste in a segregated manner to maintain maximum efficiency and cleanliness.
  • Door to door collection of waste via tricycles and their helpers.
  • Door to door collection of waste via mechanized mini hoppers.
  • Transfer to closest bin location.
  • Operations on a schedule to maintain maximum efficiency & coverage.
  • Separate bins & collection vehicles for commercial establishment.

Secondary Waste Collection

  • Deployment of mechanized, rear loading haulers will be based on the size of the roads, generation of waste and the maneuverability in the prescribed locations.
  • The vehicles will be earmarkedfor allocated routes to optimize travel along small lanes, slum areas, wide roads & long distance transportation.
  • Specific route chart will be followed & assigned to each vehicleensuring the clearing of bins in the desired sequence.
  • Waste generated in critical areas will be lifted during the night shiftsto avoid traffic congestion &public inconvenience.
  • During festival days (Dasara, Holi, GaneshChdurthi, Deepavali, Pongal, etc.) the waste generated will be cleared by deploying excess vehicles & manpower to accommodate for the need.
  • During bin lifting the helpers are to clear the bin, collect the waste around the bin and spread the disinfectant material around the bin.
Maintenance programs for community bins:
  • We intend to have teams(one team for each zone) providing the needed vehicles &equipment (For examplea welding machine and additional wheels forspot welds) to attend to speedy bin repair.
  • The teams will work under the control of our maintenance wing.
  • The assigned team is to check a specific number of wards every day & submit a compliance report.
  • Vigilance team consisting of management staff will perform random checksto ensure the proper maintenance of the bins.
  • The bins will be washed once every fortnight.
  • On a separate note we are saddened by the fact that certain individuals would resort to theft and vandalism of property serving our beloved city. To this we have taken precautions like doing away with the nut bolt system of the wheels. In place the wheel plate is welded to the bin.

Tertiary Transportation to Processing Site

  • Tertiary transports form the transfer stations are done by hydraulic compacted bins.
  • This is the most efficient transportation of the waste while ensuring the secure transfer of waste during transport.
  • In the case that the bins are not available, tippers with appropriate covering will be used.
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