Chennai Muncipal Solid Waste Management
CMSWPL- Corporation of Chennai
Processing and Disposal

Reception of Waste

  • Vehicles, drivers and payload weight logged

Tipping Floor/ Pre-sorting

  • Vehicles directed to displace the waste on a secure platform in specified piles.
  • Via cranes, bobcats, dozers and the staff, waste fed to the trommels for separation.
  • On separation smaller particles sent to the Windrow platform.
  • The larger particles sent to the refuse derived fuel (RDF) bunker.

Windrow Platform (Aerobic Composting)

  • Organic waste composted for a month via the help of EM culture.
  • Continuous overturning & transfer of the compost via cranes.
  • Different heaps signifying different maturation levels.

Monsoon Shed (Aerobic Composting)

  • The composted material is fed through two successive trommels for further separation.
  • The Smaller particles are moved to the curing shed.
  • The larger particles are either sent to the landfill or to the RDF bunker.

Curing Shed (Aerobic Composting)

  • The material is spread out to cure
  • The material is then passed through a final trommel as well as a de-stoner.

Storing & Packing facility:

  • The composted material which is of a consistent fine texture is now stored in heaps.
  • The EM culture coupled with the well timed process yields a nutrient rich, safe byproduct
  • The material is packed and sent to fertilizer companies.

Recycling Shed:

  • Segregation at source is not always carried out by, resulting in mixed solid waste.
  • Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited secondary segregation at the site to ensures removal of part of the plastics.
  • Plastic Granulation is also carried out.

Leachate management Systems:

  • Prior to the handing over of the Jawaharnagar site, the acreage was used as a dumpsite which spawned unknown amounts of leachate and outflow into the local water bodies.
  • Lake Malkaram for example has been contaminated with said leachate.
  • Over time Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited, has brought down levels of leachate in the lake through cleaning efforts and created barriers to prevent the leaching out of liquids.
  • The site mapping has provided us with the gradation and the general flow of the leachate from the past dump to begin damage control.
  • Several solar evaporation ponds are used to maintain and check the flow of leachate along with concrete reinforced channels.

Leachate Treatment Plant:

  • Leachate treatment facility.
  • Through Curing, Reverse Osmosis and UV treatment, the leachate generated can be converted to a usable form of water.


  • RDF bunker
  • RDF fluff, or briquettes, to be used as fuel.
  • Waste to energy plant, to feed energy back into the grid.
  • Given our extensive knowledge with waste management, Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited has a proposal to start a training school, to equip future employable individuals with MSW training.


  • Prior to the setup of Hyderabad Integrated MSW Limited, the Jawaharnagar site was used as a 350 acre dumping grounds.
  • All of the city's garbage was essentially brought to the site and piled high.
  • After a few years of dedicated effort by our committed staff and worker, we are proud to say that the site and the intended infrastructure & facilities are coming along as schedueled.
  • Currently a fraction of the material bought to the site is disposed of in a landfill.
  • The landfill follows all of the MSW 2000 rules, including multiple liners, compacted soil and leachate monitoring wells to assess the nature of the landfill & the safety of the surrounding land.
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