Chennai Muncipal Solid Waste Management
CMSWPL- Corporation of Chennai
SMS Short Codes
Bin Not Lifted/Cleaned
BNL/BNC (Bin Not Lifted/Cleaned) {SPACE} 9117234 /9117L001(Bin Number/Location Number) Longcode
Bin Over Flow
BOF (Bin Over Flow) {SPACE} 9117234 /9117L001(Bin Number/Location Number) Longcode
Tri cycle Breakdown
TBD (Tri cycle Breakdown) {SPACE} 9117T012 (Tricycle Number) Longcode
Compactor Breakdown
CBD (Compactor Breakdown) {SPACE} TNAD1123 (Vehicle Number) Longcode
Compactor Not Covered
CNC (Compactor Not Covered) {SPACE} TNAD1433 (Vehicle Number) Longcode
Compactor Overflow
COF (Compactor Overflow) {SPACE} TNAD1111 (Vehicle Number) Longcode
Complaint not resolved
CNR (Complaint not resolved) {SPACE} 1122 (Complaint Number) Longcode
Example : BNL 1012944 , Send to "9223126488"
  • 10 Means: Zone-X
  • 129 Means: Ward No:129
  • 44 Means: Bin No 44
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